Wilder Newport Picks Up Momentum

More than 1/3 of the lots have sold and the pace of construction picks up

Screen Shot 2014 04 30 at 11.06.11 AM 300x300 Wilder Newport Picks Up Momentum

After adding Blue Mountain Contractors and Oksenholt Construction as Wilder builders at the end of 2013, construction activity picked up and all built homes have sold!

“It’s exciting how you can see the community coming together,” says Lisa Morrigan, Marketing Liaison with Wilder. “It’s easy to picture how the neighborhood will look and function when it’s completed.”



  • 12 homes have been sold and have families living in them;
  • Three are under construction and will be lived in by summer; Two more homes are in the design phase;
  • Oksenholt to build a new house; 2nd on the Woonerf;
  • Oksenholt closing on a second, custom built home;
  • Fowler and Blue Mountain are each building a custom home;
  • Oksenholt to start on six new cottages this spring;
  • Roughly 50% of lots have been sold;
  • Fowler is rounding out the cottage cluster with three new cottage models;
  • As of the date of this posting, 16 lots are still available for Phase 1, but at the pace things are going, check back for updates very soon.

“I love living the Wilder lifestyle,” says Wilder resident Cindy Slyh-Curtis. “It’s a green community that offers so much more – from welcoming neighbors to the beauty and sounds of nature.”

“I kept an eye on Wilder for several years because of the lifestyle description,” says Wilder Resident, Sara. “When the houses were finished and offered for sale, I couldn’t resist and purchased one of the cottages which is on the “community green,” and well-built. (Wilder) is a unique development for Newport, one which offers the resident the opportunity to interact with the neighbors and participate in community concerns. It is more engaging than other developments with HOA, in part I think, because of the people attracted to the Wilder concept. I have lived in many neighborhoods, this is the first one in which I can say I know all the neighbors by name in and background, and I’ve only lived here five months. We keep an eye on each other’s houses and stop and talk and catch up fairly frequently. I’m looking forward to the growth of Wilder and meeting more interesting people.”