It’s easy being green with these resources.

Recycle: The simplest way to live greener is to recycle. While it’s not mandatory in Lincoln County, it’s made easy through residential co-mingled pick-up service. Visit the TSS website to learn more.

Compost: Thompson Sanitary Service offers composting in Lincoln County.

Wood waste, e-waste and recycling: In addition to food waste composting, proper disposal is an integral piece of the eco-friendly puzzle. Learn more about disposal locations here: Thompson’s Sanitary Service.

Shop local: From May through October make sure the Newport Saturday Farmers Market is one of your shopping destinations for fresh, local produce and other natural products.

Another easy way to make sure you’re eating and supporting local is to visit Local Ocean Seafoods in Newport for a wide array of locally caught seafood, or Oceana Natural Foods Cooperative for everything else.

General Newport Resources: Check out the Newport Chamber of Commerce, it’s a great starting place for all Newport-centric questions.