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For more than 40 years Blue Mountain Contractors have been building personalized living spaces with modern traditions, reinforced with practicality and contemporary or artisan style. Located in Gleneden Beach, John Manca started Blue Mountain in the John Day Valley of Eastern Oregon where he specialized in log and timber-frame construction.



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His custom homes are expertly crafted using innovative construction techniques and the finest materials to transform each home into the proverbial showcase. Some of Manca’s homes have been featured in Fine Homebuilding Magazine and Tauton press’s Small Houses.



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The essence of a Blue Mountain Contractors home is its livability. Created by the deliberate harmony between materials, setting, function, and form, John is more likely to start the design process with a faraway look in his eye than a pencil in his hand.



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He begins by standing on site and picturing how you see yourself living in your home. Only then does his vision take enough form to be translated to the intersecting lines on a piece of paper. The most important thing for John is the successful fulfillment of the owners wishes and realization of their dreams. When he is not immersed in design and construction, John is often found at his daughter’s Side Door Café, or Eden Hall in Gleneden Beach. Built from recycled finish materials reclaimed from Portland buildings, his evolving creation is part restaurant, part performance space, part utilitarian quarters and part art installation.


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