Building a Traditional Neighborhood Development

Homes are the building blocks of a neighborhood. When you set out to build a great intentional neighborhood, you have to start with great homes. From cottages to family homes to flex homes, all our houses are built to be easy on the land.

Working with some of the top builders in the state and approaching our neighborhood with an eye toward establishing both a sense of community and respect for our beautiful natural surroundings, we’ve cultivated an environment in which great homes can flourish.

Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) Definition:
TND refers to the development of a complete neighborhood or town using traditional town planning principles. TND may occur in infill settings and involve adaptive reuse of existing buildings, but often involves all-new construction on previously undeveloped land. To qualify as a TND, a project should include a range of housing types, a network of well-connected streets and blocks, humane public spaces, and have amenities such as stores, schools, and places of worship within walking distance of residences.