Wilder Newport Picks Up Momentum

More than 1/3 of the lots have sold and the pace of construction picks up

Screen Shot 2014 04 30 at 11.06.11 AM 300x300 Wilder Newport Picks Up Momentum

After adding Blue Mountain Contractors and Oksenholt Construction as Wilder builders at the end of 2013, construction activity picked up and all built homes have sold!

“It’s exciting how you can see the community coming together,” says Lisa Morrigan, Marketing Liaison with Wilder. “It’s easy to picture how the neighborhood will look and function when it’s completed.”



  • 12 homes have been sold and have families living in them;
  • Three are under construction and will be lived in by summer; Two more homes are in the design phase;
  • Oksenholt to build a new house; 2nd on the Woonerf;
  • Oksenholt closing on a second, custom built home;
  • Fowler and Blue Mountain are each building a custom home;
  • Oksenholt to start on six new cottages this spring;
  • Roughly 50% of lots have been sold;
  • Fowler is rounding out the cottage cluster with three new cottage models;
  • As of the date of this posting, 16 lots are still available for Phase 1, but at the pace things are going, check back for updates very soon.

“I love living the Wilder lifestyle,” says Wilder resident Cindy Slyh-Curtis. “It’s a green community that offers so much more – from welcoming neighbors to the beauty and sounds of nature.”

“I kept an eye on Wilder for several years because of the lifestyle description,” says Wilder Resident, Sara. “When the houses were finished and offered for sale, I couldn’t resist and purchased one of the cottages which is on the “community green,” and well-built. (Wilder) is a unique development for Newport, one which offers the resident the opportunity to interact with the neighbors and participate in community concerns. It is more engaging than other developments with HOA, in part I think, because of the people attracted to the Wilder concept. I have lived in many neighborhoods, this is the first one in which I can say I know all the neighbors by name in and background, and I’ve only lived here five months. We keep an eye on each other’s houses and stop and talk and catch up fairly frequently. I’m looking forward to the growth of Wilder and meeting more interesting people.”

Event raises funds for OCCC’s Nursing and Occupational Health Programs

Shark Bite Disk Golf Tourney Logo Event raises funds for OCCCs Nursing and Occupational Health Programs In May the Oregon Coast Community College Foundation is holding their first OCCC Foundation Benefit Disc Golf Tournament. We’re proud to announce that the event, scheduled for May 17, 2014, will be held at the Wilder Disc Gold Course.

The event is a benefit for the college’s Nursing and Occupational Health Programs as well as Nursing Student Scholarships.

They promise a great day of disc golf at the Wilder Disc Golf Course in Newport, Oregon’s South Beach, right across the street from the Oregon Coast Community College campus.

For more information, visit: http://oregoncoastcc.org/disc-golf-tournament

Our Favorites: The Hatfield Marine Science Center

hatfield logo 300x275 Our Favorites: The Hatfield Marine Science Center

If you’ve ever had the experience of buying a home, you’ve probably noticed that real estate professionals often utter the mantra, “Location, Location, Location.” While the statement can feel a little cliche, location really is a big factor when you’re looking for a certain quality of life.

Wilder’s intentional neighborhood was designed with a certain kind of location in mind. It is set amidst a sustainable forest, just minutes south of the Newport’s city center. Even closer is Newport’s South Beach featuring events like the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival (Feb 19-23), the famous Rogue House of Spirits, but also the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

This weekend, February 8th, the Hatfield Marine Science Center is hosting an all-day event for fossil enthusiasts. They are bringing distinguished scientists to share exhibits featuring amazing fossil finds from across Oregon. They also invite guests to bring their own fossils for expert identification.

We found the following schedule at the “Breaking Waves” blog.


  • 11:30 am – Guy DiTorrice speaks about seeking and finding dinosaur fossils at the Montana ranch where parts of Jurassic Park were filmed, including Duckbill (Hadrosaurus) dig sites .
  • 1:30 pm – Dr. Bill Orr, “In Search of the Conodont Animal” – a talk about the recent discovery of a small fish-like animal that has for 150 years been a mystery to the paleontology community. The Conodonts are one of the most important guide fossils to the entire Paleozoic interval of time: a duration of 300 million years, and the discovery has stirred immense interest among paleontologists.

All day:

  • Mike Full’s “Willamette Valley Pleistocene Project” display captures a glimpse of 50,000 years of prehistory in our own backyard. Giant bison and wooly mammoth fossils will be on display.
  • Kent Gibson, who has provided fossils to the Smithsonian’s collection will display a cross-section of fossils found in Lincoln County, including dolphin skulls, scallops, and whale vertebrata.
  • All events take place in the HMSC Visitor Center, which is open to the public from 10 am to 4 pm.

Our Favorites: The Newport Seafood & Wine Festival

Seafood Fest 300x200 Our Favorites: The Newport Seafood & Wine Festival

Revelers gathered at a previous festival.

As their website proudly proclaims, it wouldn’t be winter on the coast without the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival, and this year, Wilder Newport is a proud sponsor once again.

Featuring dozens of wineries, arts and crafts, and food vendors from some of the finest eateries on the coast, the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival continues to be a Newport classic.  The festival will be held February 20-23 at the South Beach Marina in Newport.

If you want the inside scoop, Saturday is the busiest day of the festival, which is not a problem for those who like crowds and don’t mind waiting to get in. But if you need your space, we recommend showing up on Friday or even Thursday to have a little more personal time as your peruse the offerings.

While there, make sure you visit our friends at Christopher Bridge Wines!




Our Favorites: Robbie Burns

Robbie Burns Poster 195x300 Our Favorites: Robbie BurnsLast week we shared information about Newport’s Crab Krack and this week we’re writing about the Robbie Burns supper. You might think we’re turning into real foodies around here, and you’d be partially correct. We’re mostly just big supporters of community activities and cultural events on the Oregon Coast, and we love Newport because it has plenty of both.

This Saturday the Celtic Heritage Alliance joins dozens of communities around the world in celebrating the life of Scottish poet, Robbie Burns (check out this link from the BBC that details a typical Robert Burns celebration). The alliance says the event hosts will hold a raucous evening to celebrate the spirit of his lusty life and works. While we don’t know exactly what this means, they do offer a description on their website, and it does involve food, music, poetry and Scotland’s most famed spirited beverages.

If you’re looking to “Feel The Burn” click on the following link to learn more about the event, and to order tickets: http://ncfhg.com/burns.html

Our Favorites: Annual Crab Krack

This weekend the people of Newport are invited to partake in the annual Crab Krack, an event celebrating the commercial crab fishing season, but also a fundraiser for Newport’s Pacific Maritime Heritage and History Museum.

The event is this Sunday, January 19th beginning at 4 pm at the Best Western Agate Beach Inn and prices start at $45 per person.

This fun event will include a silent and oral auction, and a live jazz band called “Past Forward” playing nostalgic tunes from the 1920’s – 1960’s.

Tickets available at Lincoln County Historical Society, 545 SW 9th Street in Newport.

For more information, call 541-265-7509.

Our Favorites: Local Tech Pacific Fish Trax

fishtrax marketplace 300x203 Our Favorites: Local Tech Pacific Fish TraxWe saw a bit of Newport, Oregon in the January/February edition of 1859 Magazine. The magazine has a feature about a Newport business called Pacific Fish Trax that is using their locally developed traceability technology to give consumers more information about food origins.

From the Fish Tax website, “The information we’re tracking focuses in on the fish, its habitat and the journey the fish takes from the river and ocean, over the dock, and to the market.” This technology is great for consumers who are increasingly curious about where their fish comes from, who processed it and how fresh it is at the time of purchase.

For more on Fish Trax, visit their website at: pacificfishtrax.org

Our Favorites: Coastal Arts and Culture

In the Irish language the word “céili” is synonymous with a “social gathering”, or in the lexicon of today’s world: “party.” On Saturday, November 2nd the folks behind the Newport Celtic Festival & Highland Games are putting together a céili in nearby Toledo, Oregon to celebrate the traditional Celtic New Year and coastal arts and culture.
Celtic Heritage Alliance Our Favorites: Coastal Arts and Culture All money goes to support their 501(c)3 organization and their mission to promote and preserve Celtic culture on the Oregon coast.

From the Organizers Website.
The musical and dance performance will feature the return of the trio Bróg Crua including internationally renowned Sean-nós instructor, Maldon Meehan, who will demonstrate her toe tapping prowess in Irish traditional dancing and calling of the céilí (kay-lee) for guests. No prior céilí dancing experience is required – anyone can join in.

Bróg Crua reunites Irish music, song, and dance in its original context – the house concert! They combine accordion, fiddle, and dance percussion, with a good dose of Irish humor. Félim Egan, Erik Killops and Maldon Meehan invite you into their “house” to rekindle that fire that was once ablaze in the cottages of Ireland.

To learn more about the performers:

Saturday, November 2, 2013, 6:30 pm – 9:30pm Flowrree Community Center (The Former Marion Harrison School) 321 SE 3rd Street Toledo, Oregon Tickets for this celebratory fundraiser may be purchased in advance online at www.newportcelticfestival.com.

Prices are $15 for adults and $7 for youth aged 7-16.


Celtic Festival and Highland Games Coming to Newport

newportcelticgames 299x300 Celtic Festival and Highland Games Coming to Newport

Newport will host one of the regions largest Celtic gatherings this weekend. The Central Oregon Coast Highland Games will be held June 6, 7 and 8 at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds, located at 633 NE 3rd St.

Visitors from across the Northwest will flock to Newportto join the celebration of Celtic culture spanning the seven Celtic nations of Brittany, Cornwall, Galicia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland & Wales.

Festival events include a sand castle contest, Kilted Kilometer run, whiskey tasting, Celtic heritage parade, Celtic music and dancing, Highland athletic games and much more. For a full list of activities check out: http://ncfhg.com