New coffee shop building nearing completion

Screen Shot 2015 05 07 at 3.49.01 PM 1024x493 New coffee shop building nearing completion

In May we shared exciting news about a new coffee shop building under development in our South Beach neighborhood at Wilder Newport. We can now report the structure is up, the roof is on, the windows are being installed and we’ve already had interest from several folks interested in leasing the business spaces.

 New coffee shop building nearing completion

Tenants will have the opportunity to serve residents of South Beach, students and faculty from nearby Oregon Coast Community College and Hatfield Marine Science Center, and others who come to South Beach for the marine-related institutions on the peninsula, or to enjoy Wilder’s public trails, dog park and disc golf course. The coffee shop space is designed to be expandable for a full-service restaurant. Initially about one third of the ground floor space could be available for other tenants.

The sustainable design, including day lighting, high-efficiency heating and cooling, and high performance building skin will result in a dramatic reduction in energy use.

To learn more about our plans for the space, please check out this blog from earlier this year.

For More Information.
To inquire about the leasing the coffee shop or any of the other spaces, please contact Bonnie Serkin:; 503.221.0167.

Our Favorites: Indulge Sweets

From the ice cream at the Tillamook Cheese Factory to the various shops making saltwater taffy in the windows of coastal businesses – there’s no shortage of sugary treats to satiate the collective appetite of people living on or visiting the Central Oregon Coast.

In fact, it takes a lot to make something stand out from the pack – but Indulge Sweets of Seal Rock does just that. It’s no wonder that they’re a multiple-year people’s choice award winner at the coast’s annual RSVP’s Chocolate Classics.

Located just 8 miles south of Wilder Newport, one of their specialties is brownies, and they’re well worth the drive. One look at the images of the delectable treats from their Facebook page was enough of a trip down memory lane to move this author to shed tears for the memories of brownies’ long ago devoured, but never forgotten.

We love the names they give their confections. The Triple Threat is cheesecake hugged by brownie and their chocolate chip cookie. The Evil Brownie describes how you’ll feel about it during those moments when one is not within physical reach.

Indulge Sweets has a range of chocolate brownies for every need – incorporating whimsical pairings of flavors including fudge, peanut butter, nuts, marshmallows, spices – and other cooking ingredients this inexperienced baker can’t even begin to imagine. They also prepare treats for folks with gluten allergies, just ask.

For more information about Indulge Sweets, visit their Facebook page. And if you want to drop a couple brownies off at the Wilder office on your return trip home we wont frown upon that.

For the confectioners out there – if you want to participate in the 2016 chocolate classics contest, click on this link to connect with the RSVP’s Chocolate Classics web page.