Wilder Newport Resident Settling Into New “Digs”

7310 Sara Brock final copy 1024x768 Wilder Newport Resident Settling Into New Digs The staff at Wilder Newport got a chuckle (and felt a source of pride) when we first saw this photo of Sara “operating” the excavator at the site of her future home. We’re happy that such a young and ambitious person chose Wilder Newport for her home, and found it fascinating to learn why she chose to move to Newport in the first place, and what she likes best about our beautiful coastal city. We recently connected with her to learn a little more about her decision to live in Newport, and what made her choose Wilder.

How long have you lived in Newport?
I just moved to Newport in October 2014. I’m not quite a local yet, but I’m working on it.

What made you decide to move to Newport?
I had been living in Portland and found myself driving to the beach every opportunity I had. After 10 years, I figured it was finally time to make the change and move to a smaller town with a more relaxed pace of life. I like Newport in particular because it’s just the right size. Newport has an interesting mix of people with the working Bay Front area and the academics at Hatfield and NOAA. It’s great to be able to go to the Farmer’s Market in the morning and the Symphony at night.

Do you have any favorite haunts in the area?
There are so many fun things here, it’s hard to choose! I love the beaches for surfing, running, and bonfires. I enjoy visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and wandering around the Bay Front and the Nye Beach Districts. There are a few restaurants that are quickly becoming favorites, like The Coffee House and Café Mundo; not to mention the brew-pubs including Nana’s and Bier One.

What do you do for work?
I work as a nurse at one of the local healthcare facilities.

Why did you decide to move into Wilder?
When I was looking at Real Estate in the Newport area, I really felt that Wilder was the best investment. It gave me peace of mind that the homes were newly built by reputable contractors. I also appreciated the vision for Wilder as being a place where people lived softly on the land and placed a high priority on community relationships.

What are your favorite features of Wilder?
I love all the trees surrounding the neighborhood! I’m glad that there is a playground for the kids that live and visit here. I enjoy the hiking trails that are nearby and can’t wait to get a dog that I can take to the community Dog Park.

What do you like about its location?
I like that Wilder is convenient to everything you need, but also a little bit off the beaten path. I appreciate that Oregon Coast Community College is next door for community education and events. I’m also glad that Wilder is up out of the Tsunami Zone.

What are you looking forward to as the development moves into its second phase? I’m looking forward to the coffee shop and other small businesses moving into the commercial section. I’m looking forward to all of the landscaping being finished as the other homes in the area are completed. And of course, I’m looking forward to meeting the other people who decide to make Wilder home. Wilder Newport Oregon Wolf Tree Tap Room 1 2000 Wilder Newport Resident Settling Into New Digs

(read more about the new Wilder coffee shop here)

What would you tell someone that is thinking about moving into Wilder?
Come by and check it out. Then you’ll be able to see for yourself what a great place this is.

Anything else you want to add about your experience with Wilder Newport?
Lisa and Jay at the office have been an incredible resource. They had done everything in their power to make my transition to Newport an easy one, and to welcome me home to Wilder.

Wilder Newport Resident Blesses New Home With Aquavit

7392 Birgitte 2 final 1024x768 Wilder Newport Resident Blesses New Home With Aquavit Birgitte says the liquid she’s using to “bless” her new Wilder Newport home is Aquavit, an important part of Danish (and other Scandinavian) culture, where it is often drunk during festive gatherings, such as Christmas dinners and weddings.

Birgitte is Danish (born there), and says this seemed like a fun way to get her house off to a great start, and we agree. Thank you for choosing Wilder Newport, Birgitte!

Wilder Buzz: Construction Begins on Solar-Powered Coffee Shop Building

Screen Shot 2015 05 07 at 3.49.01 PM 1024x493 Wilder Buzz: Construction Begins on Solar Powered Coffee Shop Building

A new mixed-use building is coming to Wilder, anchored by a coffee shop, and featuring an upper floor designed to accommodate two small businesses.

With its gable, shed roofs and garage door windows, the coffeehouse will have a “new urbanism” feel with a blend of residential and neo traditional forms in keeping with the rest of the Wilder neighborhood in South Beach. Designed to create a place where friends and neighbors come together, the building is the first to be built within the Wilder Village Center.

The perfect coffee shop tenant will have the opportunity to serve residents of South Beach, students and faculty from nearby Oregon Coast Community College and Hatfield Marine Science Center, and others who come to South Beach for the marine-related institutions on the Peninsula or to enjoy Wilder’s public trails, dog park and disc golf course. The coffee shop space is designed to be expandable for a full-service restaurant. Initially about one third of the ground floor space could be available for other tenants.

Solar power on the Oregon Coast?
The sustainable design, including day lighting, high-efficiency heating and cooling, and high performance building skin will result in a dramatic reduction in energy use. In fact, the combination of high-efficiency building methods, solar panels on the roof and battery storage will require hardly any use from public utilities for heating and cooling most of the year, and will even provide temporary power should the grid go down.

For More Information.To inquire about the leasing the coffee shop or any of the other spaces, please contact Bonnie Serkin: bonnie@eenw.com; 503.221.0167.

Building Details:

  • 2,600 sq. ft. on lower level, with covered area for outside seating;
  • 1,360 sq. ft. upper floor with vaulted spaces that incorporate skylights and transoms to allow natural light into the offices;
  • Located on Harborton St. and College Way as part of the Wilder Village Center;
  • Construction expected to be completed just after New Year’s, 2016.

(Lower Level – Click the Image for an Expanded View)

A.2 Main Floor Plan 1.27.15 1024x682 Wilder Buzz: Construction Begins on Solar Powered Coffee Shop Building

(Upper Level – Click the Image for an Expanded View)

A.3 Upper Floor Plan 1.27.15 1024x682 Wilder Buzz: Construction Begins on Solar Powered Coffee Shop Building