Bonnie Serkin of Wilder Invited to Speak at Town Hall


BonnieSerkin 300x200 Bonnie Serkin of Wilder Invited to Speak at Town HallWe’re excited to announce that Bonnie Serkin, Head Developer for Wilder Newport has been invited to be a presenter at the upcoming Town Hall Meeting hosted by the City of Newport on June 30th.

The focus of the meeting will be to discuss the future of Newport’s South Beach. Bonnie will be one of five speakers including Derrick Tokos, Community Development Director who will present on urban renewal projects in South Beach and Bob Cowen of the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Bonnie has always emphasized how South Beach is the future of Newport as the epicenter of the maritime industry, the location of the new facility for the NOAA and the Hatfield Marine Science Center. Along with the development of the Wilder neighborhood, Oregon Coast Community College and the expansion of the Marine Mammal Institute, Bonnie envisions a future of South Beach as a new eco-district in Newport.

To hear more from Bonnie and the other presenters, join us at the Town Hall Meeting on Monday, June 30th at 6:00 pm at the Community Room, Oregon Coast Community College 400 SE College Way.

Our Favorites: Sylvia Beach Hotel


Overlooking the ocean, the charming Sylvia Beach Hotel looks like a photographic captured in time and the historic vibe continues once behind the teal shingled walls. For travelers along the Oregon coast interested in time travel and a true escape from the modern world, The Sylvia Beach Hotel is the perfect getaway.JaneAustenRoom 300x198 Our Favorites: Sylvia Beach Hotel

It’s unique rooms are all themed after authors and books such as the new One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest room, or the classic Jane Austen room. No matter which literary legend is your preference, the hotel offers something rare in the modern world. A space free of technology. No TV, phone, radio, or wifi on the property allows guests to disconnect from complication and reconnect with each other.