Our Favorites: South Beach State Park

Situated next to the Yaquina Bay Bridge, South Beach State Park begins in south Newport and stretches several miles down the Oregon coast. This historic park offers a variety of recreational opportunities. The paved jetty trail provides a perfect place to jog or ride a bicycle. Forgot your bike? The Hospitality Center rents out bikes daily during the summer months. The park’s equestrian trail to the beach begins at the South Jetty equestrian trailhead. Park next to the trailhead and enjoy a beautiful sunset by horseback!

South Beach State Park also offers interpretive programs, guided hikes, and JR Ranger activities every day throughout the summer months. Other activities around the park include fishing, crabbing, boating, surfing and beachcombing. Attractions nearby include the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, marine life exhibits at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Check out the “events” calendar on their website for a detailed program schedule. For more information or to make a reservation, please call: (541) 563-6413 or visit the Beaver Creek Welcome Center. Reservations accepted starting June 1, please call between 10 AM – 4 PM.

SouthBeach Bikes 300x160 Our Favorites: South Beach State Park

SouthBeach Ocean 300x160 Our Favorites: South Beach State Park

Our Favorites: Local Ocean Seafoods

The Local Ocean Seafoods Historic Bayfront location in Newport is a casually sophisticated fish market and grill unlike any other around. Market-style dining is accented with a central open kitchen where chefs prepare fresh grilled seafood dishes, floor-to-ceiling windows with roll-up glass doors afford views of the fishing boats in the harbor and the Yaquina Bay Bridge in the distance.

Local Ocean Seafoods offers clean, local food produced in a healthy, environmentally friendly way with no farmed fish or shrimp anywhere on the menu. They also make locavore eating easy with detailed food labeling down to the name of the boat your soon to be meal was pulled from.

LocalOcean Harbor 300x95 Our Favorites: Local Ocean Seafoods

LocalOcean Crabs 300x95 Our Favorites: Local Ocean Seafoods

LocalOcean Shellfish 300x95 Our Favorites: Local Ocean Seafoods

Newport’s Coast Hills Classic Cycling Event Is This Weekend

CHC City flyer 231x300 Newports Coast Hills Classic Cycling Event Is This Weekend Supporting the Coast Hills Classic has been a passion of ours ever since we first hosted this new annual Newport tradition. We love sharing our beautiful land with the people of Newport, whether it’s with frisbee enthusiasts competing on the disc golf course, or cyclists riding through our sustainable forest. We like that these outdoor activities give people a chance to discover our new Wilder Newport community and feel these activities ring true to the spirit of the development. The Coast Hills Classic is this Sunday. You can still register online here.


“Proceeds from the event will go towards the youth programs scholarship fund at the Newport Recreation Center. Which allows children from economically disadvantaged households the opportunity to participate in a number of fantastic programs.

This year’s race has been entered into the Oregon MTB XC Series. The series is made up of 10 races starting on April 6th and ending June 29th. The Coast Hills Classic Race is race #3 in the series. Each race in the series will be raffling off a Jamis Bike Frame that is worth $900.”