Our Favorites: Sylvia Beach Hotel

sylvia beach hotel Our Favorites: Sylvia Beach HotelThe Oregon Coast can be a refreshing destination to step back from a busy life, relax and gather ones thoughts. The rejuvenating ocean breeze and crashing sound of the waves can be both meditative and comforting. Without a doubt, the ocean has inspired American literary greats, including Steinbeck and Hemingway.

At Wilder, we’re true book lovers, and we’d like to shine a light on another one of our favorite places in Newport, Oregon – the Sylvia Beach Hotel. Each room in this hotel has a literary theme under three categories including classics, best sellers and novels.

The owners take great pride in creating a unique hotel for book lovers and make it clear that whether you’re finishing up your manuscript, or searching for a place to read Harry Potter without judgment, the Silvia Beach Hotel will make you feel welcome and comfortable.

For more: http://www.sylviabeachhotel.com

Our Favorites: Bier One

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Bier One is our favorite spot in Newport to grab a delicious pint of beer. The selection is impressive – from Oregon Trail Ginseng Porter to traditional German brews, they serve great food and you can get all your home brewing gear while you’re there. What’s not to love?