Our Favorites: Newport Famers’ Market and Oceana Natural Foods Cooperative

Wilder is all about love for the environment, which is why our homes are built to Earth Advantage-certified standards. This green love extends beyond our neighborhood grounds, and into the community we’re part of. Here are a couple of our favorite local spots that support a natural lifestyle:

newport.farmers.market Our Favorites: Newport Famers Market and Oceana Natural Foods Cooperative

The Newport Farmers’ Market is open Saturdays starting May 11 to October 26 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside Newport City Hall. It’s the place to go for locally grown produce, artisan foods, and unique crafts.

oceana natural foods coop Our Favorites: Newport Famers Market and Oceana Natural Foods Cooperative

Oceana Natural Foods Cooperative is the destination for organic foods in Newport. Aside from organic groceries, the store offers on weekdays a hot food and salad bar which make it super-easy to grab a healthy meal on the go.

Newport builder helps couple design home with a focus on aging in place

America’s aging population spurs this greater national trend

aging in place 300x138 Newport builder helps couple design home with a focus on aging in place

Note: this is not the actual couple.

NEWPORT, OREGON, May 21, 2013 – People plan for college, weddings, vacation – but aging? The latter concept doesn’t seem to receive much attention in our society but is a striking reality for anyone planning to retire with comfort and ease. So when Gary and Shirley “Jay” Hunter began looking for their dream home, the concept of “aging in place” was a top concern and Fowler Homes, Inc. was there to help.

“We wanted to make sure we picked a home in a community that would remain convenient and accessible well into our old age and Wilder Newport seemed like a natural choice,” says Jay. “We didn’t want to trade our community-oriented lifestyle and sustainable values either,” adds Gary.

Aging in place is a national movement to support the overwhelming majority of Americans who want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. According to the latest census findings, 18.9% of people living in Newport are 65 or older, which is nearly 5% higher than the rest of Oregon. More builders are working with designers to create homes specifically for aging in place.

Fowler Homes, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas, Oregon and builds customized homes from beginning to end. President John Fowler says he has worked with many homeowners for whom aging in place a top concern. “The baby boomer generation is getting to that retirement age,” says Fowler. “They’re a big part of the population and we’ve revamped our business to support their needs for aging in place.”

These specially designed homes have features like low maintenance exteriors, one-level floor plans to eliminate stairs, doors that are a minimum of 36 inches wide, non-slip flooring, and more. For an expanded list of common features for aging in place visit: http://www.ageinplace.org.

All of Wilder’s sustainable, expertly crafted homes are set amid a beautiful planned community on the central Oregon coast. The people-friendly neighborhood is near Yaquina Bay in Newport’s South Beach neighborhood and features walking trails through a sustainable forest. Their single-level home option and flat terrain ensure ease and accessibility for anyone concerned about aging in place.



Coast Hills Classic draws big and pays big to the winners. Supporters: “This event will continue to grow!”

coast hills classic 5 13 start mass 300x168 Coast Hills Classic draws big and pays big to the winners. Supporters: “This event will continue to grow!”The Coast Hills Classic Mountain Bike Race kicked up a lot of something that isn’t seen too often around Newport – lots of dust from bullet-fast mountain bike riders who came from all over Oregon to compete in this year’s event for some nice prize money. The event re-debuted last year, picking up where the founders left off some years back. And they say the Coast Hills Classic looks to grow in the number of entrants and in stature among Oregon Mountain Bike events, statewide. Riders came from Bend, Hood River, Portland, Coos Bay and beyond.

Sponsored by Bike Newport, Newport Parks and Recreation, the Newport News-Times and a number of other well known benefactors and local businesses, the race is held on Wilder Forest Preserve lands just south of Oregon Coast Community College. It’s a ten mile course of just about every condition mountain bikers are likely to find on any competition pathway anywhere in Oregon: steep up and down hills, single and double tracks, heavy vegetation, loose gravel and dirt, shade and hot sun (especially this past weekend!) and mud.

The course is very challenging and sometimes it gets crowded out there. One injury this weekend – a young male who was reported breaking his wrist on a bad spill. Other grown up competitors showed their own badges of honor with abrasions, contusions and bruises, all well earned on the course.

Well over 100 entrants competed for $1,500 in prize money. Many pricey bicycle accessories were raffled off. Rogue Brewery provided their tasty brews, and Savory Cafe Nye Beach provided a mountain of their famous pizzas to benefit the Coast Hills Classic which is all about raising money to create scholarships for low income children who want to compete in youth sports and other recreational programs at Newport Parks and Recreation.

The big winners in this past weekend’s Coast Hills Classic were, among Category 1 Men (19-34), #1 Kolben Preble, 19, of Forest Grove (red pants), #2 Adam Demarzo, 26, Coos Bay (black pants) and #3 Matt Cline (levis). Preble finished a double course run in just under an hour and 18 minutes. Demarzo finished at one hour, 19 and a half minutes.

The top winners among the Category 1 women were Alice Pennington, 32, of Portland (pictured with grey t-shirt) with a finish time of one hour 28 minutes 28 seconds. Sue Butler (not pictured) 41, of Portland at one hour 30 minutes and 6 seconds. And third place (not pictured) was Beth Ann Orton, 31, of Portland at 1:31:30.

Coast Hills Classic officials say this weekend’s event was very well attended. They say they’re very optimistic that the Coast Hills Classic will soon be considered one of the premier mountain bike competitions events in all of Oregon. Supporters say the event has already been roundly praised in a national mountain bike competition magazine as a “must do” course for those who want an excellent racing experience while while enjoying a deep forest environment with the Pacific Ocean occasionally visible at points in the course.

Race supporters say they want to thank everyone who helped put on this year’s event, taking it to the next level. They say “it’s for the kids,” who would not otherwise be able to afford to participate and grow, in character and confidence, as a part of the rainbow of Newport Recreation programs for young Newport area kids.

On to next year’s Coast Hills Classic, 2014!

Originally posted on Lincoln County News